Who is Motivv TheRapper?

Motivv is a talented South African hip hop artist, song writer and entrepreneur, who started out as a motivational speaker in year 2013. Motivv motivated people at various platforms from year 2013, prior to pursuing a career of song writing and performing of rap music in year 2016.

Street life and struggles:

Motivv, even though a university graduate, faced various life struggles and ended up on the streets of Pretoria as a street beggar in 2017. Whilst on the streets, even though facing struggles of poverty, Motivv still inspired and coached many people for no pay at various events, including radio shows, where he was constantly invited as a motivational speaker. The music started when Motivv was still on the streets, where he started writing content about his life struggles and how he would win in the end, with the aim of inspiring others using his harsh life experiences through music. The fusion of motivation and music was due to the belief that music is further reaching than just motivational speaking, since music was listened to daily by millions of people all over the world.


From an early stage in Motivv’s motivation and music career, he had an opportunity to perform at big corporates for staff members, at concerts and at big festivals i.e. First National Bank KZN Head Office, Pretoria State Theatre, Umgababa Music Festival etc. Motivv has also produced a people motivation TV show called Vision Encounter in 2016 and has acted in a few TV adverts and acting roles.

Debut Single

New Money was debut hip hop track released by Motivv in 2018, available for download on

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